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SPEECH413 provides telehealth evaluations and therapy for the following communication needs: Gender- Affirming Voice, Voice Disorders, Stuttering, Articulation, and Public Speaking with adults and teens. Currently accepting clients from PA, CO, and OR. Email alison@speech413.com to schedule a free online consultation.
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I'm Alison Hiester, MS CCC-SLP (she/ her). I've been practicing speech- language pathology for nearly 20 years and take pride in my clinical style which focuses on individualized, integrative, compassionate treatment. I strive to provide my clients with a safe space that encourages self- care and creativity. I'm neurodivergent (ADHD) find it especially fulfilling to guide fellow humans to love themselves first as they discover their strengths... as well as their voices! Why 413??? SPEECH413 was named as a tribute to my grandmother, "Gramma" Jean, AKA Genevieve Victoria (Dragon) Kucharski. Her house number was "413," and it was a safe space for me to feel seen, heard, and unconditionally loved. I'm not sure if she realized what an impact her support had on my growth. However, I'm certain that because of her encouragement and acceptance, I became brave enough to use my own voice. Because of her validation and respect, I managed to be strong when I was at my weakest. With the knowledge and skills I've acquired through my training and experience, I endeavor to teach my clients to use their voices with pride, strength, and confidence. In the tradition of Gramma Jean, I'm passionate about the importance of seeing, hearing, and empowering my clients as we create their voices together.
Alison Hiester MS CCC- SLP (she/her)
Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist: SPEECH413


“Working with Alison has been a transformative experience.... I look so forward to my weekly sessions with Alison because I gain more than just strategies, I gain guidance and understanding.”

- Grace, from PA

“Alison and I had a phenomenal relationship! Her candid feedback and constant encouragement propelled to me to success. Now I feel comfortable with my voice in everyday use - including podcast interviews and videos!”

- Amethysta, from CO
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